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We Are Serving Woodland Hills and Surrounding Area

Whether you\’re living in a bustling city or out in the suburbs, here at LD Locksmith we strive to provide the best service with the highest quality work. We\’ve been in the industry for years dealing with all kinds of automotive situations. If you\’re car door is jammed, if you broke your key, or locked yourself out, we can help. People forget how important it is to have a reliable locksmith on hand, especially if you\’re in a rush to be somewhere and or have an emergency. Most don\’t realize that if you were to get locked out of your car, you would specifically have to call an auto locksmith to resolve the issue. Here at LD Locksmiths we provide a multitude of services all under the same roof, to make your life easier and not having to call different locksmiths for different situations Let\’s take a look on how LD Locksmith can assist you in your day to day automotive needs.

Image Creation of Car keys

A lot of us either buy our vehicles second hand or are stuck with one \"\"key. With that being said, it\’s always a good idea to have a backup in case of loss and or theft. What if you don\’t have a spare? What if you lose your only set? This is where LD locksmith comes in to help. We can get you a spare set of keys and also erase any other keys registered in your vehicles database, which will ensure that you and your key can be the only one to start or access the vehicle.

Spare Keys
Getting spare keys from the dealer is expensive and takes time to order. At LD Locksmith we provide them for you at a fraction of the cost and get them to you immediately. We specialize in programming the chips in modern car keys and we can cut any car key efficiently. Save yourself the hassle and money that comes with dealing with dealerships. We deal with so many makes and models that nothing comes as a surprise and we have all the tools at our disposal to get you back on the road ASAP at half the price.

Car Lock Picking
Sometimes we\’re in a rush and without thinking lock our keys in the car. It happens to everyone and a lot of us don\’t carry or even have a spare key on hand. What if you\’re all alone in the middle of nowhere with nothing around for miles? This is where LD Locksmith comes into action. Give us a call and we can be at your location ASAP. We have the experience to enter any vehicle and even set you up with a spare, to get you going.

We\’ve handled countless jobs over the years so nothing is too difficult. Even breaking your key in the ignition or is something we can get resolved for you in no time. So if you\’re looking for an all around locksmith with years of experience, you found it.